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How Do I Enable Email Notifications for My Survey?


With ProProfs, you can configure email notifications so that you are notified when someone takes your survey. To enable this, go to 'Settings' page, under 'Notifications'. 



Besides receiving notifications, you can also automate email notifications for survey takers and other stakeholders:


1) Send email notifications to your survey takers - You can include information such as their survey score, full report etc.



2) Send email notifications to additional administrators and teachers -  You can add the email addresses of administrators to send them notifications on attempts made to the survey. You can include information such as a survey taker's score and full report. 



3) Set email signature - You can also add a default email signature which will be used for all the emails sent from the Survey Maker.



Here's a video with further information on how you can create a survey using ProProfs Survey Maker:


Video About: How To Create A Free Online Survey