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How to Set up Branching in a Survey


Branching in surveys offers you a way to personalize every survey taker's experience. It lets you decide which question appears next based on an answer given for the previous question.


Note that this feature applies only to the Multiple-Choice and Choose From List question types.


Let's take the following question as an example:


Q. Are you satisfied with our service?

A. Yes

B. No


If the survey taker answers 'A', you can choose to submit the survey. If the answer is 'B', you can direct the survey taker to a different question for more information. This example explains how the two answers lead the quiz taker to different paths, and that's what Branching is all about.


Here's how you can enable Branching in your survey:


Step 1: Create a survey with a variety of questions including Multiple-Choice and Choose from List. Alternatively, you can open a similar survey for editing.


Online survey questions


Step 2: Open a Multiple-Choice question for editing on which you want to apply Branching.


Edit question in online survey


Step 3: On this screen:


1. Enable the option Branch based on answer under Advanced.

2. Once you've enabled Branching, you'll see dropdown options against each answer of the Multiple-Choice question. Here, you can select different branching options for each answer. For example, if the answer is Yes, you can choose to Submit Form. In case the answer is No, you can direct the survey taker to a different question. When you're done with the changes, save.


Apply branching or skip logic to survey questions


Step 4: In order to make Branching work, you must apply Page Break right below the Multiple-Choice question on which you applied Branching. In this case, drag the Page Break option below the question 'Are you satisfied with our service?', as shown in the screenshot below. Similarly, you can enable Branching for other Multiple-Choice and Choose from List question types. Click Done to save.


Apply page break in online survey




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