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How Do I Set up Skip Logic and Branching for My Survey?

Using skip logic (also known as branching), you can customize surveys to eliminate questions that are irrelevant to certain groups of respondents, and help them to complete your survey quickly.


Advanced tip 1: You need to first create the survey before you enable skip logic.


Advanced tip 2: Skip logic can be used only with "multiple choice" and "choose from list" question types.


Let's say that you have created a Fashion Survey for two respondent groups (male & female), which contains, say, the following four questions:


Q1: Are you male or female? (All respondents choose one)
Q2: Which is your favorite type of suit? (Only for male respondents, female respondents will not see this)
Q3: Which is your favorite dress? (Only for female respondents, male respondents will not see this)

Q4: How much do you spend on clothing a month? (All respondents will see this, except those who have selected Not interested in questions 2 & 3)


The next step would be to set up skip logic for the above survey by following the instructions below:
Step 1: First you need to add a page break, at the spots where you want branching to happen .



Step 2. Go to a question, click on Advanced > Branch based on answer, and from the drop down select the question that respondents will be taken to when they select that particular answer. 



Step 3: You can also branch off users directly to the Submit page, as shown in the example below, where respondents selecting Not interested in questions 2 or 3 are not shown question 4 and taken directly to Submit page.