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How to Create a Text Box Question


The Text Box question provides you with three types of questions - Single Line, Multiple Line, and Multiple Box. The Single Line text box offers a maximum limit of 100 characters and hence, you can use it to capture specific data such as the name of the survey taker.


The Multiple Line text box is similar but it offers a huge character count of up to 3000 characters. Use it to gather detailed feedback about your products and services.


The Multiple Box consists of more than one text boxes to distribute the data. For example, you may use it to gather the name, address, phone, and email ID of the survey taker.


Here's how you can create a Text Box question in a survey:


Step 1: On the Manage Survey editor, go to Questions >> More and click Text Box.



Step 2: Select the Box Type that you require and customize the question accordingly. Once done, save.