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How to Customize Survey Completion Page


The Customize Completion Page option is a setting that allows you to control what the respondent sees on completion of a survey.


The completion page is displayed only if the survey is not redirected to a website. To show completion page, enable it through the On Survey Completion option. This setting can be found by navigating to Settings----> General.


The completion page can be customized by enabling Customize Completion Page. To enable, navigate to Settings----> General and enable it.



Here's a list of settings that can be enabled in this section:


Show Social Media:  Shows links to share the survey to the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.



Show Score: Displays the points a respondent has scored on a survey.



Show Result: Displays the survey score and result of a scored survey to the respondent.


Note: Works only if the scored survey setting is enabled.


Show Statistics: Displays a graphical chart showing the percentage division of answers between respondents.



Show Print: Displays the print button through which a respondent can print their result.


Show Selected Choices: Displays the responses that the respondent has given in the survey.


Show Custom Message: Allows you to display a custom message to the respondent. The message to be can be entered in the text below.



Here's how the custom message will appear to the user: