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How to Add Section Breaks and Private Notes to a Survey


With ProProfs, you can hide certain questions from your respondents and use them to record notes and comments. Administrators can add notes and a section for official use only to web forms and surveys.

  • Section Breaks - You can hide certain questions from respondents, keeping them visible to only you or other admin users.
  • Adding private notes - You can add private notes or comments once respondents are done taking the survey by going to survey reports.

How to add section breaks

Here's an example of a student enrollment form, which has a total of 6 questions, out of which the last 3 are hidden from students:

  1. Student’s name 
  2. Student’s signature 
  3. Course selection 
  4. Which group is the student in? (Hidden)
  5. When will his classes begin? (Hidden)
  6. Did the student pay the fee as cash or credit? (Hidden)


Follow the steps below to learn how you can create a similar survey as the example above.


Step 1. Add all the questions.



Step 2: Turn the toggle button that says Hidden to Yes in the question box to enable section breaks. The questions with these enabled will be hidden from the students.


How to add private notes or responses

Once respondents ("students" in the above example) are done taking the survey, you can add responses and comments by going to survey reports.


Step 1. Click Reports.



Step 2. Go to a particular respondents report by clicking the View Response icon.



Step 3. Add your comments, responses, and notes by clicking on Edit. Hover the cursor over the far right side of the question to access the Edit button. 



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