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How to Create Net Promoter® Score Surveys


Video About: What is Net Promoter Score(NPS) and Why Businesses Use It?


You can easily create this survey using our NPS scale question type. The scoring of these surveys is automatic, with no effort at your end.  You also get powerful reports that help you profile your customers and exactly understand their loyalty towards your brand. 





















The final report shows the NPS score (the better your score, the more loyal customers you have) and profiles customers under 3 categories: 

  • Promoters -  These are the customers who are most likely to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague. Their score: 9-10
  • Passives -  These are satisfied customers but not loyal enthusiasts of your product or service. Their score: 7-8
  • Detractors -  These are unhappy, at times irate, customers who have a negative perception of your brand. Their score: 0-6

               What is a good NPS score?


Let's look at the steps to create NPS surveys or check out how an NPS survey looks like.


Step 1. On the survey create page, select NPS scale by clicking on it. 



Step 2. Write your question and check the box that says "Required" so that customers can't skip the question.



Step 3.  Similarly, add more question and click on Done. You can instantly share you surveys via email or even embed it as a popup survey in you blog.  



Create NPS Survey