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Surveys are designed to garner specific feedback from your customers and website visitors, depending on your requirements. With ProProfs, you can build surveys for a variety of purposes using 20 different types of questions.


Each question type helps you in gaining insights into your customer experiences. Some of them are also intended to generate leads by prompting the survey takers to enter their details.


The question types can be accessed on the Manage Survey screen when editing a survey, as shown in the screenshot below:



Listed below are the 20 question types that you can use to create surveys:



Let's take a look at what each question type means:


  • Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice question type consists of several answers and only one answer can be selected. However, a survey is usually intended to understand customer preferences and doesn't necessarily seek the right answer out of the available choices. For example:

  • Checkbox

The Checkbox question type also has multiple answers to choose from. In this case, though, you can select more than one answer.

  • Choose from List

Choose from List is similar to a multiple-choice question, but the answers are listed in a dropdown list. Click the dropdown to expand the list and select one answer.



Clicking the dropdown reveals the available answers.



  • Single Textbox

Single Textbox question type consists of a text box that may require the survey taker to provide some information. For example, you can use Single Textbox for requesting survey takers' names or short feedback about a product. Also, you can set a minimum of 5 and maximum of 100 character limit.



  • Name

The Name question type prompts the survey taker to enter their name.



  • Email

The Email question type prompts the survey taker to provide their email ID.



  • NPS Scale

NPS Scale is a question type that is responded to using a rating scale. For example, you can ask 'How likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or colleague' and the survey taker can respond on a rating scale defined by you.



  • Rating Scale

Rating Scale question type uses expressive graphics, such as emoticons and stars, for understanding how happy or dissatisfied survey takers are. You can even use Yes/No and thumbs up/down as possible responses.



  • Button

The Button question type provides a minimum of two choices to the survey taker. For example, Yes/No and True/False. It can be used to ask a direct question such as 'Would you recommend our product to your friend?' or 'Does our product serve your purpose?'. You can even create a rating question by adding more than two options.



  • Essay

Similar to Single Textbox, however, the Essay question type is intended to request detailed feedback from the survey taker. You have the option to set a maximum character limit up to 3000 characters.



  • Ranking

Use the Ranking question type to prompt survey takers to rank three or more available options.



  • Grid of Choices

Grid of Choices consists of options arranged in rows and columns. The survey taker selects a single option from each column and they collectively answer the main question.



  • Instruction

As the name suggests, it is intended to provide some kind of instruction to the user. For example, pre-quiz instructions such as terms and conditions, rules, etc.



  • Date/Time

Use this question type when you'd like to get back to the survey taker at their convenience. You can prompt them to enter their preferred date and time.



  • Multiple TextBox

Multiple TextBox is used to gather information that can be segregated into multiple text boxes. For example, a person's address can be divided into primary address, city, Pincode, and state.



  • Signature

This question type allows the survey takers to create their signature.



As shown in the screenshot above, survey takers can enter their names by:

  1. Typing
  2. Drawing

Finish it off by providing other information such as the date, place, first name, email, job title, and company.


  • Address

The Address question-type prompts the user to enter their address.


  • Phone

This question type prompts the survey taker to enter their phone number.



  • Upload

The Upload question type enables the survey takers to upload a file. For example, a screenshot describing an error encountered while using a software.



  • Slider

The Slider enables the survey takers to provide ratings using a slider scale.





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