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What Is the Difference Between Quiz, Survey, Scored Survey and Poll?

ProProfs supports many different ways for you to gather data and test knowledge. 

Scored Quiz: The primary purpose of a quiz is test the knowledge of the quiz taker and not to gather feedback or opinion like a survey/poll. Quizzes are typically used in teaching, training and learning to build and test knowledge. They are sometimes also called tests & exams. ProProfs Quiz software includes features to better serve this use case such as automatic grading, result score calculations, pass/fail results, certificate generation and reporting. For example, a question such asWho is the president of United States? is a quiz question as it has one correct answer. Examples of quizzes include practice tests, sample exams, employee training quizzes etc. Create a scored quiz

Survey: Surveys and polls are used for gathering opinions, information  and feedback.  Surveys & polls are typically used in marketing, website engagement or to conduct evaluations. ProProfs Survey software (included in our quiz maker) includes features to better serve this use case such as demographic filtering, showing trends etc  A question such as What is your favorite color? can be a survey or a poll as there is no correct or incorrect answer. The question is just used for opinion/feedback gathering. Examples of surveys include course evaluation survey, teacher evaluation survey, market survey, product or customer surveys, employee feedback surveys etc. Create a survey

Poll:  Polls are same as surveys except that they are just 1 question long. In other words, a poll is a single question survey,that is used for quick feedback gathering whereas a survey is a series of questions,which typically require more time to complete. For example in a poll you would ask a question such as What is you favorite color? and provide a list of colors to choose from. In a survey you can ask the same question as well as add other questions such as Please describe why it is your favorite color?, What is your name, what is your email etc. Create a poll 

Scored survey: A scored survey is a mix between a quiz and survey with points allocated to answer options. It allows you to assign specific points to the options  that respondents choose to survey questions (as opposed to assigning points to just correct answer in case of a quiz). Based on the answers selected, a score can be calculated answers and a result is created. This kind of survey/quiz can be used for a variety of purposes including grading survey responses, lead qualification, personality testing etc. Please see: How do I create a scored survey? OR Create a scored survey


Personality quiz: A personality quiz reveals certain things about a quiz-taker. An example of a personality test question would be: What others think of me is no concern of mine (True/False). Such a quiz is helpful for HR managers who can uses personality tests during the recruitment process to understand behavioral aspects of a potential candidate. Our Quiz Maker allows you to create personality tests in three easy steps. Create a personality quiz